Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Mini Vacation

Today's post is a mini vacation for everyone. My husband (and my camera) were in Athens, Greece a few weeks ago on a business trip. While the children and I were home with our dark, cold, soggy spring weather, my husband was half-way across the globe in sunny, warm, dry Greece. He was holed up in long meetings most days, but one day was free for site-seeing. It is still bone-chilling cold here, but looking at these photos almost makes me feel warm.

They have flowers!

And ancient ruins!

I marvel over how densely the city is built.

Beautiful blue sky, and wild flowers (weeds?) rooting in the ruins. Ahhh.

He had fun puzzling over the Greek letters. This one says "exodos".
There were stray dogs and cats everywhere.

This next photo was taken for our daughter.

Moon over the Acropolis.
He had his birthday while he was there. He got up early and went for a pre-dawn run around the Acropolis, and watched the sun rise over the Parthenon. That's a pretty cool way to start your birthday!