Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 1 Yard: Slow Progress

This is the spring that isn't. We have had a lot of rain, not very much sun, and chilly temperatures. I don't feel thawed out yet. I don't think the yard does, either, because things are taking a long time to flower.
Things are coming up, though.

We had a heavy rainstorm that knocked all the hyacinths over.

The bulbs in my yard are an odd bunch. The ones that continue to come up have been coming up ever since we bought the house 17 years ago. That explains these tulips forcing their way through somewhat new shrubs:Then we have that Lone Ranger tulip back there:
I have planted bulbs in various places to try to fill in and balance the spring look, but every bulb I have planted over the years has perished, so we have a very odd straggly look in the spring.

My Forsythia seems to by dying. I don't know if I should hack off the dead stuff, or just remove the whole thing.
We are quite proficient at growing dandelions, though!