Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Start of Summer

Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer! Even though we still have three weeks until school is out and SO MUCH to do between now and then, we spent the weekend in a very lazy, nothing-to-do way.

We had tickets for our favorite baseball team on Saturday night. All day the skies were non-threatening, and the temperature was moderate. Our hopes were high.

(The DMC on the scoreboard made me wonder why DMC floss would be advertising at the ball park. Then I squinted to read the fine print underneath: Detroit Medical Center. Duh.)

We settled into our seats, getting ready for the game, wondering why things weren't getting underway, when this message appeared:

What? It wasn't even raining! I whipped out my phone and checked the weather radar, and was dismayed to see a big green blob headed right for us.

Right at game time, it started to rain. We moved to a sheltered area. We watched people drinking too many beers. I went to the souvenir shop and spent too much money on a souvenir for my daughter. We ate icky food. Finally the game was officially rained out. Sigh.
So that was that!

Other weekend activities: we tried to plant our plot in the community garden, but the ground there is still too saturated. I can't believe what a late start we are getting with it this year! This week should be dry, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can do it some evening this week.

My son was driving me crazy all weekend with his teenager antics. He asked my husband to borrow a projector from work, one that plays DVDs and has ports to hook up computers and gaming systems. My husband obliged. This resulted in my house being turned upside down as my son experimented in every room, rearranging furniture, taking things off walls, trying to find the best place to project the image. He ended up taping up a white sheet in the living room. It got more humid as the weekend went on, so the tape stopped sticking, which led to further shenanigans as he tried different methods of hanging the sheet. I told my husband to get that projector outta my house!!

It was fun while it lasted, but bye bye projector, I will not miss you!

We also visited the cemetery where my husband's parents are buried. We don't go that often, as it's not near our home and we are never in that neighborhood for any other reason, but this weekend he wanted to go, and so we did. My father-in-law died very unexpectedly in 2005, and my mother-in-law died after a short but intense illness in 2007. When we got there this weekend, there were grass clippings all over my mother-in-law's headstone, and I was touched almost to the point of tears when my daughter, without any prompting, dropped to her knees and brushed all the clippings off the stone.