Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 1 Yard: Full-on Summer

It's looking a little unkempt in the back yard. It always does.

The herb garden is doing well.
The Russian Sage along the driveway was just about to bloom when I took this photo on July 1. It's now all purple, and the bees are a buzzin'.
Cosmos are springing up along the wall. By the end of August they'll be hanging over the driveway and making our comings and goings a bit of an adventure.
Ornamental grass is standing tall:
These geraniums have since had a nice trimming. I can hack away and hack away at them, and they still look full and lush:
This side of the walkway needs a tiny bit more oomph. Every year I think this, yet I never do anything to improve it. I think I am waiting for the lavender to spread:
Here's a nice tidy shot. Pretend like I started at the end!