Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 1 Yard: Overgrown

The herb garden (which includes some sweet and delicious orange cherry tomatoes!):(Unfortunately our rain barrel, in the very upper right corner of the photo, has sprung a leak and caused a puddle in our basement which has plagued us all summer.)

Flowers by the deck:
Bee balm along the back fence:
Ripening apple in the backyard:
(The squirrels eat these before they ripen, leaving us with none. The apple tree in our front yard is not bothered by critters, so those we get to eat. Unfortunately, that tree only produces fruit every other year for some reason, and this is its off year. Sigh.)

My neighbor's Rose of Sharon, with my cosmos in front of it:
The Russian Sage along the driveway:
Tidy front yard:

Back yard:
That play structure may be going to a new home this fall.

So that is my overgrown, weedy August 1st yard. Photos were taken on August 1; I just forgot to do the post until today!