Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some stitching!

A while ago I promised I'd be focusing on cross stitch only on the crafting front, and that is indeed what I have done these past few months. It feels good to get some of these back-logged projects finished! I am gearing up to start another holiday piece, but I do admit, I am suddenly feeling an urge to knit. Knitting is not the most zen thing for me to do, though, so I'm surprised I am thinking about it. I'll keep you posted if knit happens!

First up, from Bent Creek's photobooth series, Northpole Party Pics:
I just loved these three characters when I saw them. Pointy-hatted elves get me every time, and I adore the expressions on the faces of Santa and the reindeer in the third "photo."

The linen is a little bit warped, but if I take it in for framing, they can straighten it out for me.

I shared this next piece on Flickr a while ago, but here it is now, officially blogged:
Schoolgirl Lessons, by Little House Needleworks.
Who doesn't love reading, writing, and stitching?