Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Afghan Completed!

Hooray, I finally finished it! This was five years in the making, due to neglect, not difficulty.
It's a giant granny square made with Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn, which was nice to work with. There were so many ends to weave in (endless!), but I sat down with it Sunday night in front of Downton Abbey and got it done. Perfect way to spend the end of winter vacation!
I like how it looks on the white couch, but it clashes horribly with the rug in that room, so this will live in our family room, where the couch and carpeting are brown. We could use a burst of color in that room.


Isabelle said...

Well done you!

Here, an Afghan is a coat. Or, it was in the sixties, when they were fashionable. What you've made is a throw or a rug - though rugs are carpets with you, aren't they? Very confusing!

besomom said...

Thank you, Isabelle!

I have never heard of a coat being called an Afghan! I think Afghan-as-throw might be considered quaint here now, but in my mind, something hand-knitted or crocheted is an Afghan, whereas throws are the small blankets you'd buy in a store. That's just my personal way of categorizing them, though.

Americans don't use the term rug to describe a blanket. Rugs are on the floor only. I personally call something a rug when it isn't attached to the floor, or doesn't cover the entire floor. Carpets are permanent floor coverings that completely cover the floor in a room. Again, that's just my way of categorizing them; others in the US may define these things differently.

We need to use Google translator to decipher our blog posts, even though we supposedly speak the same language :)