Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome 2012

Our big Christmas gift to the children this year was a 2-night New Year trip to a ski resort in northern Michigan. We took them four years ago, and they have been begging to return ever since. We don't downhill ski, but there are snowshoe trails and cross-country ski trails, an indoor/outdoor spa pool, and (the main attraction for my two children) a very large indoor water park!

The lodge still had all the Christmas decorations up, and they were still piping Christmas music into the public areas, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing.

We had blizzard conditions the two days we were there, but that didn't stop my children from riding the Zip Line!

Our room had a nice view of the ski hills. I enjoy watching the bustle of the skiers, but I can't imagine standing at the top of that "mountain" myself with boards strapped to my feet and feeling anything but sheer terror.
The outdoor pool is a fun winter time feature. It's a bizarre feeling to swim outside when the temperature is in the low teens (Fahrenheit).
The indoor water park is a balmy 84 degrees Fahrenheit. That is where we spent the majority of our visit! My children love all the slides, but I personally stick to the lazy river, or the hot tub.

We did venture out to find a sledding hill. Conditions were blizzard-like.

One minute it would be clear for a lovely view of Lake Charlevoix:
The next minute a squall would blow in and obscure the view:
Late in the afternoon my husband and I decided to brave the storm again and snowshoe for a bit. The children refused to join us. I still had on my snow pants from the sledding outing, which I normally wouldn't wear for snowshoeing, but I was too cold to take them off.
(Oh my, I look like my daughter in this picture! We don't think we look alike, but seeing this photo makes me think that all those people who say we look alike must not be crazy after all!)

And of course the morning we had to head for home, this is what it looked like outside:
However, as it was only 6 degrees (Fahrenheit) out, I was secretly glad we didn't have time to stick around!

I brought my crochet afghan to work on. I started this project at least four years ago, maybe even five.
It's a granny square, worked in the round, that gets bigger and bigger and bigger as you go. I haven't worked on it much because it's a cumbersome project, requiring many skeins of yarn. I can't leave it out at home because my cats steal the yarn, and taking it on trips is not easy because of its size. I am determined to get this finished, though, especially since I am so near the end, so I stuffed it into the front seat with me for our long drive. My project bag isn't big enough to hold all the yarn plus the afghan, so I carried the afghan loose in my arms when we went to check into the lodge. My husband asked me to "do the talking" as he likes to say, so there I stood at the desk, clutching my afghan like it was some kind of security blanket. I felt a little bit silly! And then on the return trip home, the sliding passenger doors on our van were frozen shut, so the children had to enter and exit the vehicle by crawling over the front seats, which meant I had to gather up the afghan and my project bag every single time. Such a hassle! I did make some progress, though. Only three rounds to go now!


Glenda said...

Brrrr!!! What a beautiful place to vacation, and what a nice way to begin the New Year.

I don't think my mom and I look alike at all, but these days I notice I have so many of her mannerisms and sometimes I sound like her (and I don't mean that in a mean or snarky or "oh, no" way!). It's kinda eerie, but kinda neat too :-).

Leila said...

Oooh! The zip line looked like so much fun. I looked at the photos before I read the text, and I thought 'OMG, what is going on there?!'

Anyhow, that looks like a nice break, what a beautiful spot, and the water park looked warm and fun.

Snowshoeing too!

Congrats on finishing the afghan!