Sunday, April 15, 2012

Four Pieces, completed

Back in January, I started work on four blackwork pieces to hang in my living room. I finally completed the fourth one today. I've already taken them to the framers, so now I wait for them to do their job, and when I get the framed pieces back, the final step will be to convince my husband that it's okay to put four more nails into a plaster wall. After that, this project will truly be finished!

The pictures are horrible, but I was in a rush and didn't upload them and inspect them before I took the pieces to the frame shop, so they will have to do.

The pattern is a modification of the Blackwork Sampler in Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion. I modified this pattern once before, blogged here. This time I wanted four separate pieces, and I enlarged them to finish at 4 inches square rather than the 3 inches square as originally charted. Enlarging them resulted in much more stitching than I anticipated! I was expecting the stitching on this to take a month at most, but it took me three times that.

I also counted incorrectly on one square. The design pictured second from the top is supposed to be more spacious (you can see how it should look here). I honestly don't know where I went wrong, and I couldn't recreate this accidental modification if I tried! Fortunately, I don't mind the more compressed design. At least it is still symmetrical!

In other news, our front yard apple tree is a symphony in pink and white today. The buds are pink, but the flowers are white when they open.

A swarm of butterflies has been busy pollinating this tree and the apple tree in our backyard all afternoon. They swoop over our house, going back and forth between the two trees. Such a treat to see.


Glenda said...

Wow, those top two pieces do look like they were particularly time-consuming to stitch -- very complex looking! I can't wait to see all four of them framed.

The apple blossoms are gorgeous!! No apple trees around here, so I've never seen them in person. Do the flowers have a nice fragrance?

Isabelle said...

Lovely! Actually, palm trees do grow in the west of Scotland - it's mild because of the Gulf Stream. But Hogwarts isn't in Scotland, is it? (I've only read the first book so am no expert.)

besomom said...

Glenda, apple blossoms don't really have a scent, which is a bummer, but they are pretty to look at. They are the state flower of Michigan.

Isabelle, I figured if I stated so authoritatively that palm trees don't grow in Scotland that I'd be wrong! To the best of my memory, Hogwarts is not specifically stated as being in Scotland in the books, but the Hogwarts Express leaves Kings Cross in the morning and travels north all day until it arrives at night in Hogsmeade. I figured that an all-day train trip from London would end somewhere in Scotland! I just read the Wikipedia entry on Hogwarts, and they also think it is in Scotland.

Tricia said...

I was talking to a colleague about butterflies (had a bunch flying up from my feet in West Park on Monday). He said the birders list was full of reports about a super-abundance of red admirals last weekend. He had red admirals pollinating his crab apple, and when I looked again the next day, that's what were in West. So that's probably what were on your apple tree as well. What a treat that must have been to see!

Tricia said...

and PS, the blackwork is lovely!

besomom said...

Ah, red admirals! That is exactly what they were. I googled an image after you suggested that is what they might be, and they were indeed.