Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knitting again

Oh, wow, Blogger has a new interface.  Who knows how this will look once I hit publish!  I shall press onward and hope for the best.

So... knitting!  I have a troubled history with knitting.  I want to knit, but most knitting projects I undertake cause more stress than pleasure, so I shy away from it.  Lately I have felt a determination to make knitting a joyful experience, though.  I can't explain why.  I just want to knit!

My niece (the one who got married in October) is expecting a baby at the end of summer, and we recently found out it's a girl.  I have about a half a million things I want to make for that little Nugget, things I am good at, like embroidered bunnies and pocket pillows and  sweet little quilts. But I also have this inexplicable desire to knit her a little dusty pink sweater using really expensive yarn.  I have the pattern, and I have the yarn, but I also have the fear.  I can't make a mess of really expensive yarn, now, can I?  Before embarking on the sweater, I needed to dust off my knitting skills on something a little less dear, so I decided to practice by making a washcloth or two.  And you know what?  This first washcloth is going really, really well.  I want to sit and knit all morning and all evening.  I will need to devote most mornings and evenings to it if I want to finish it, because I am very slow at knitting.  Painfully slow.  When I start the sweater, I will have to follow the instructions for the 12 month size, because I may need a full year to get it done!  It would be awful to finish the sweater and have it be too small.  I shall hopefully be able to post nice happy-sweater-knitting-progress posts once I have it underway.

Completely unrelated: I had an "oh my goodness I am getting to be such an old lady" moment yesterday.  My nephew turned 7, and his dad told me (as I heard him say it): "We got him Star Wars Connect for his birthday."  The image that sprang into my mind was a Star Wars themed game of Connect Four.  "Wow, that's cool, I didn't know they had themed Connect Four games!"  This was met with a blank stare, and then a very careful explanation of "No, Kinect.  Xbox Kinect Star Wars.  The video game?"  Oh, dear lord.  I am turning into my mother!!!


Shelagh Fehrenbach said...

LOVE that side note. Max told Jordan about it and he thought he was talking about "K-Nex"--you know, like for building. It's not just you! :)

Kelley said...

Have you heard of the internet knitting community called Ravelry? It is phenomenal!

Please visit www.ravelry.com

After you register, you can "Friend" me as kpkelley

This isn't a gimmick or sales pitch.

besomom said...

Shelagh, if Jordan was also confused, I am in good company! K'Nex actually makes more sense than a 70s era game like Connect Four, though!

besomom said...

Kelley, I have a ravelry account, but I use it primarily for finding patterns. I'll look for you there. Thanks!

Glenda said...

Good for you on the knitting! Maybe I'll have that same determination some day ;-).

Heh. My son's Xbox has Kinect but he NEVER uses it! Maybe because he's of the generation slightly before your nephew's? I don't think my brain would've made the "connect = Kinect" connection either, but I'm really only "hip" about the gaming stuff that my son's into LOL!

Tricia said...

I probably would have thought K'Nex too - after all, I've seen space-themed K'Nex sets.

My eldest got a Kinect 'detector' (??) to use to make motion tracking videos. He used it a lot the first few weeks he got it, but it's gone by the wayside more recently.