Monday, May 7, 2012

Blackwork is on the wall!

 My blackwork pieces are now framed and on the wall!

 It's always so hard to get photos of framed needlework, but here is one close-up so you can see the matting and the frame.  All four pieces are matted and framed identically.
And to remind you of why I was doing this in the first place, here is a photo of the "before", after I rearranged my furniture, but before I updated my walls:
With the exception of that large photo over the piano, everything hanging on the walls in my living room is either stitched by me, or photographed by me, or painted by a family member.  My home is like a little gallery for my family's artwork.  And I love it that way.


Glenda said...

Those turned out so pretty, Tracy! They work really well above that chair, too.

That's awesome that nearly everything hanging on your L.R. walls was made by a family member =).

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty, Tracy! I really like the blackwork, it's so elegant. (Leila. Blogger still hates me).