Monday, May 14, 2012

New View

My new back yard.  The play structure went to a new home today.  We'll still be able to visit it (it's at my husband's sister's house), but I feel sad.  That big empty spot in my backyard is further evidence that my children are growing up.  Beginning with birth, parenting is just one long process of letting go.


Glenda said...

We, too, passed our swingset along to the younger extended-family members when my kiddo outgrew it.

Now our chicken coop/pen occupy that spot ;-). A different kind of entertainment, no doubt about it!

Isabelle said...

Oh, you're right. Mine are all away from home now and I miss them so much. And I look at my tiny grandson and I think, oh dear, you'll be leaving home before we know where we are... (He's 10 months!)