Thursday, October 11, 2012

Knit gets better

The knitting went a bit better the past few days.  A knitting friend was here for lunch last week. She looked at my work and suspected I was periodically knitting into the wrong place.  That's what I get for thinking I can knit while watching a movie or sitting in a darkened concert hall!  I have been paying extra careful attention to every single stitch, and it's going well.  The back of the sweater is nearly complete.  Just one more inch to go and I will bind off some stitches and put the rest on a stitch holder.  Then I move on to complicated pieces, like knitting and shaping the front pieces, and making buttonholes, and picking up stitches.  I don't know why picking up stitches strikes terror in my heart, but it does.  Expect to hear more complaints from me in a few days when I muck that all up.

The camera also cooperated for these pictures.  Happy times indeed.

P.S.  I am hoping that sewing the sweater pieces together and blocking the whole thing will fix the curling of the bottom edge.  Please tell me I am right!

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