Saturday, October 27, 2012

Knitting update: mistakes were made (and probably more will come)

So, the baby sweater I am knitting...sigh.  I got the back piece finished.  Hurray!  Then I started the front left piece.  Things began smoothly, but I panicked as it grew on the needles.  I kept looking at it and thinking: This isn't the left piece, this is the right piece.  I wonder if I'm doing this wrong? I wonder if there's a mistake in the pattern?  Before I panicked about that for too long (a day or two, tops), I realized my perspective was confusing me.  As I held the piece out in front of me at arm's length, it seemed like the right side piece, but if I held it up to myself as if I were wearing it, I realized it was the left piece.  Whew!  And sheesh.

The next panic moment came when I had to begin the decreases to shape the neckline.  Technically this was going along just fine, but the piece seemed much too short.  I checked my gauge--that was right on target. I checked online for pattern errata--there weren't any.  How bizarre.  The proportion of the front to the back seemed way off, but I chugged along, thinking that maybe babies just have really fat necks, and what do I know about garment construction anyway?

I finished the left front piece.  Hurray!  Then I started on the right front.  New challenge: buttonholes!  I made it through the first buttonhole (and the first yarn forward) with only one YouTube consultation, so I was feeling sassy, but then as I stitched along, counting rows, the next buttonhole came up too quickly, only a few rows above the first buttonhole, and suddenly the instructions seemed wrong.  They were telling me to knit a row when I knew it should be a purl row.  What was going on?

I took a good hard look at the instructions.  I compared the instructions for the two front pieces.  I got a pencil and a calculator and drew little diagrams and added up rows of stitching.  And that is when the mistake I'd been making finally stood up and waved at me with a fiendish grin.  If you heard a loud despondent wail last night, that was me saying "NOOOOOOO!"

That part where it says "Rep the last 2 rows 22(27:32:32:39:45) times more"?  That doesn't mean 32 more rows.  That means 64 more rows. DUH.  

Knitting progress report:  Technical Skills, showing improvement.  Pattern Comprehension, needs work.

left front piece for a giant-necked baby.  go ahead and laugh.  
Thanks to my keen observation that the buttonholes were too close together, I saved myself from making a mess of the right front piece (still in progress, so maybe I shouldn't be counting my chickens just yet), but that sad little misshapen left front piece will have to be frogged and made over. 

When I felt depressed about my knitting mistake last night, I thought I'd soothe myself by starting this pattern--a present for my daughter--but when I went to assemble the supplies, I realized I'd run out of DMC 310.  That is the color black.  What kind of cross stitcher runs out of DMC 310?  The cross stitch authorities are going to revoke my license to stitch if word of this gets out.

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Tricia said...

I don't even know how to read a knitting pattern, so you're that much ahead of me!

As far as running out of black: probably lots of cross-stitchers do, given how many patterns call for it with backstitching/outlining. It's the stitchers who DON'T run out of black that you gotta wonder about... :^)