Monday, December 10, 2012

Birth Sampler

My great niece's birth continues to keep my needles busy!  The latest item for her:

I covered up her name for privacy when I took the photo, which makes the sampler look unbalanced, but her name is stitched in the same color, size, and font as the other two lines of text, and it  looks quite nice when everything is visible.

I "designed" this by typing up her birth information in Word, experimenting with different sizes, fonts, and layouts, and then I used the border from this free embroidery pattern to complete the design.  I am having it professionally framed in a pink frame without matting, so the completed work will be about 7 inches square--a nice size that can be hung on the wall or propped in an easel on a bookcase.


Tricia said...

How very sweet!

I did a birth sampler (cross-stitch) for my eldest niece, but nothing for any other niephling. Sigh...

besomom said...

Your comment has me I sit here and make so many things for my great niece, I know I won't be able to be as productive for future great "niephlings" (to borrow your term). The first baby always gets the most attention!