Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweater is done!

Finally!  The baby sweater for my great niece is done!  It took me over two months, but it was time well spent, and it's done in time for Christmas.  Fingers crossed that it won't be too small for her.

The photos were taken before I sewed the buttons on.  I knew the light would be gone before I had them attached, so I improvised for the photo shoot.  Plus, I was trying to decide between two sets of buttons.  I ended up using white flower buttons, rather than these, because they provided a better contrast, and I think my niece will like them better.  I sewed them on with thread that exactly matches the yarn.  Very cute.

My Christmas crafting for others is done.  I have more photos of all those projects to share here, but they will have to wait until the recipients have received their gifts. The next few projects on my to-do list are all for me me me!  That's a fun way to start the new year, I think.

I did make the Springerle cookies yesterday.  I used anise extract as the recipe instructed, which gives them a licorice flavor.  Some people in the house aren't happy about that.  Next time I make them, I will use almond extract. (Shelagh, if you are reading, what does your mom use?)  I think I will package a couple of the cookies up and have my children give them to their German teachers as a little Christmas gift.  Both of my children are studying German for their world language.  I am certain before I even do this that my daughter will dutifully deliver hers to her middle school German teacher, but my son will "forget" to give his to his high school German teacher.  

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