Wednesday, January 11, 2012

crocheted rock

I've been seeing rocks covered with yarn and fabric out in the blogosphere and on etsy for a few years now. I've always thought they were pretty, but not something I particularly coveted for myself, until this tutorial was posted. This seemed just 70s-cover-everything-with-macrame enough that I wanted to try it. Even though my past experiences crocheting with thread have been rather ugly, I thought I'd give it a go, one more time.

I looked around the house for a suitable rock, because goodness knows with my daughter's geology obsession we have plenty of rocks here, but all of her rocks are specimens and samples for scientific study, geez, Mom. I ended up buying river rocks from the craft store. I know, I know.

The other day I finally felt confident enough to tackle it. I sat down in front of the computer with the tutorial open and started hooking.

I had to start over five times. Size 8 thread and a size 9 hook are just not my thing! At one point my hook disappeared, and after searching my lap and the floor all around me I finally found it up my sleeve. I am not kidding!

But! I struggled through, and if you don't look too closely to see where I made counting errors and hook-placement errors, it looks alright. I did have a really hard time getting it snug on the rock I initially choose, so I solved that problem by finding a bigger rock. Ha!

File this one under useless but pretty!