Wednesday, July 25, 2012

He also collected bottle caps

I shared my husband's belt buckle collection from the 1970s.  He also collected bottle caps in the 1970s and early 80s.  The bottle cap collecting was a Big Deal.  He wrote to beverage manufacturers to ask for samples, and went on search missions in parks and picnic areas.  He and his sisters formed a bottle cap collecting club. They even had a theme song.  It cracks me up to hear about this chapter in his life.  I love his stories about the club meetings.  He is the oldest sibling, and the only boy, so he took complete charge.  His youngest sister was not allowed to be an officer in the club.  (I think she might hold a grudge to this day.)  I love to picture my mother-in-law sitting quietly in the kitchen, listening to her children in the other room as they called the meeting to order and sang the theme song.

The collection is a bit grungy, but still interesting to look at.  Back in the day, my husband mounted the caps on giant sheets of styrofoam, which is old and icky now, and explains the poor lighting for these photos--I didn't want to carry the crumbly styrofoam to a better-lit part of the house, so I just photographed the collection in the basement.

I guess we'll hang on to these and let our children deal with them someday!!