Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knit happens

I mentioned last spring that I wanted to knit  a sweater for my niece's baby.  I actually did start to knit it last spring, but the dusky pink yarn I was using looked too mauve, almost brown, as it knit into fabric, so I stopped and shopped for a brighter pink yarn.

Then summer started and I didn't get around to casting on the brighter pink yarn until last week.  I am sorry to say it is not going well!

I have already had to start over completely, and every night I end up having to undo most of what I've accomplished.  I seem to keep making the same mistake, but I can't identify what is happening.  It's not a dropped stitch, but I seem to be crossing stitches and ending up with a weird loop on the backside of the fabric. Or something.  It's confusing.  This constant frogging and reknitting is wearing down my good humor.  How many times can baby cashmere yarn be frogged and reknit before it gets all worn out?

I really do want to make this sweater, but the lack of progress is disheartening, especially given all the other stitchy projects I have in mind to do for Christmas.

Also, my camera doesn't seem to want to focus any more.  It's a simple point-and-shoot, 5 years old already, and I've taken approximately a million photos with it, so I guess this is to be expected.  New camera for Christmas this year, perhaps?

Because pictures like this just won't do!

(I'm really hoping I can get this knitting thing figured out.  I just love how all those loops look sitting on a knitting needle, and when I sit with my "cheater" glasses on and a lap full of knitting, I feel all snuggly and cozy and kind of smart.  That is, until I realize I need to frog again.  Then I just feel mad and frustrated, and I want to go running for the crochet hook.)