Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mid December (the 12-12-12 edition)

This is a hand-carved mold for springerle cookies.  I bought it at an art fair years ago (pre children), and I hung it on my kitchen wall when my kitchen had a more rustic, country style to it.  I always meant to make the cookies, but for some reason never did, and when we redid our kitchen several years ago I put the mold away and forgot about it.  It resurfaced this summer during our basement project, and I felt ashamed for having hidden it away for so long!  Now springerle cookies are on my list of things to try this season.  They seem a little complicated, but I'm up for it!  After that, I am going to find a place to display this mold.

I was vacuuming our living room today in half-light conditions, and as I neared the Christmas tree I heard something bigger than cat hair get sucked into the machine.  I wonder what it was?  I probably won't know until we put the tree away in a few weeks.