Monday, June 10, 2013

Old Glory

I get seasonal stitching urges.  In the fall, I want to cross stitch pumpkins.  In the winter, it's snowmen and snowflakes.  In early summer, I need to stitch an American flag.  Call me Betsy!

This is Old Glory by Shepherd's Bush.  I love the alphabet row!  I started it three summers ago on our driving trip out west.  I thought it was appropriate to stitch a beautiful flag while traveling across our beautiful country, but I didn't finish it before we got home.  The project ended up in my WIP bag, and then became a case of out of sight, out of mind as my seasonal stitching urges turned toward different motifs.

A few weeks ago I got that hankering to stitch a flag. I was searching patriotic patterns online when I remembered my unfinished Old Glory.  I was thrilled to find that all I needed to do was finish the bottom row of flowers, so it only took a few nights to complete.  Yay!  Three years later, it is done.

You can see my other American flag needlework in this set on Flickr.

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