Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer with teens

Time seems to be moving at such an incredible clip lately.  I blink my eyes and a week has gone by.  How does that happen?

My children are on summer vacation now.  Summer somehow reinforces the passing of time more than any other season, and every morning when I wake up I feel a moment of sadness, sadness that I don't need to get up and fill their little pool, sadness that I am not going to push them in the stroller to the park, sadness that they don't find joy in sidewalk chalk and a bottle of bubbles any more.  I try to remember the grueling aspects of having young children in the summer, things like sand in diapers and frustrating attempts to apply sunscreen to an unwilling child, but often I end up missing those things as well.

My moments of sadness can't last long, though, because it is glorious summer, after all, and we still have things to do!  Those things are drivers education instead of summer baseball league, but they are keeping us busy nonetheless.

Having two teenaged children finds us occupying yet another phase of life. The other night my daughter wanted to attend, with a friend, an outdoor event that ended at midnight.  My husband and I agreed this would be okay as long as we ourselves stayed in the vicinity of the event, which is how he and I ended up in a bar at 11:00 p.m. on a weeknight.  We each ordered a drink and shared a plate of pretzels.  The bar was busy, mostly with younger people, but we didn't feel out of place.  When we were finished, our server asked us if we wanted separate checks.  What? Did she think we were on a date?  We weren't sure if we should be alarmed or flattered that we didn't look like a couple that has been married for over two decades.   After we finished laughing, we decided maybe it wasn't that strange of a question, for how often do old married couples sit together in a bar at 11:00 p.m. on a weeknight?  This was probably a first for my husband and me. Don't think we're on a date, wait staff; we're just parents of teens.

(Photo above was me practicing this morning with shutter speed on my camera.  I wanted to capture a bumblebee in flight.  He's a little blurry, but it's not too bad.  The subject flew away before I could practice some more, and I couldn't find another one, so I gave up.  We are going to travel to some very scenic places later this summer, and I am terrified I'm going to take horrible photos.  I am going to make my husband bring one of our compact cameras to back me up!)

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