Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Before summer is over...

...I have another cross stitch flag to share.  I made this one for my mom.  Stitched on 28 count over two threads, the finished piece fit in a 5x7 frame, so this was quick to make.  The pattern is by Shepherd's Bush, and I think it is called July (see it here).  The original pattern has the word July stitched over the flag, but I didn't want to limit this piece to just one month of the year, so I omitted that when I worked it up.

My urge to stitch flags has passed, a sign that summer truly is waning.  I have a large Christmas cross stitch underway, but most of my evening stitch time has been devoted to a lacy scarf I'm knitting.  Knitting!  Lace!  Can you believe it? And it's so much fun!  Still no desire to tackle socks, though.

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