Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Things

I've been working on the Santa cross stitch, but I took some time to knit candy corn:

The pattern is from the Purl Bee (here).  I made mine using the recommended yarns, which I purchased last year, so I don't know if they are still available.  I had to use tiny double pointed needles to make this, which required much concentration, and resulted in much sweating and start-overs, but the end product isn't too shabby. Not as lovely as the samples on the Purl Bee website, but I am always happy when I expand my knitting skills.

Our apple trees bore so much fruit this year!  There are still so many apples on the trees, but they're beyond edible now.  Still pretty to look at, though.

Fall colors are so glorious right now.  I wish this season would last just a bit longer.  This is my view as I stand at my kitchen sink:

It's hard to tell in the photo, but outside I see bright yellow leaves and shiny red apples against an old worn wooden fence.

This room on the back of my house was originally a screened-in porch, but a previous homeowner converted it to a year-round room.  When that happened, my kitchen lost its one exterior wall, and the window over the sink became a pass-through.  I don't love having my kitchen in the middle of the house.  It's a little bit dark and doesn't get any natural light, but thanks to the pass-through, I do get a nice view of the family room and beyond it to the backyard while I work in the kitchen.

That chair the cat is sitting on is new.  Before I had kids, I had a plant stand there.  When my son was born I realized my plants were toxic, so I got rid of those and put a play mat there.  During the toddler years, we had a child-sized table and chairs there. When they outgrew that, I put a short craft and game table there.  That table was so short you had to sit on the floor to use it!  Over the years that became a clutter magnet.  My daughter piled so much stuff on it she could never find anything.  The final straw was when my husband stacked two huge rubbermaid containers there, filled with rock specimens for science olympiad. That area was a big junk pile in the room, and it stressed me out.  This summer I made my daughter clean her mess, and I donated the table.  I made my husband move the rubbermaid containers to the basement.  And I bought a swivel chair! Which apparently is for the cat...

Anyway, I like my view from the kitchen sink, both of my cleaned up family room, and also of my colorful fall backyard.


Tricia Jones said...

I like the new chair!

We went back and forth on whether the apples falling on the bungalow driveway were 'real' apples or crab apples. They were sort of in between in size, and a strange color inside. And way too high to pick! But after seeing so many trees that do have crab apples, I've decided those must have been true apples. Maybe next year we'll get some. In the meantime, I encountered a neighbor picking apples from a tree I pass on the way home from our school. She vouched for their tastiness and handed me the one she'd just picked. They were good! Now I want my own apple tree :^)

Tricia Jones said...

(actually, what i'd love even more is to have my own peach tree(s), but I know from the previous house that peaches are a lot more work due to fungi susceptibility and such)

besomom said...

Fruit trees are great to have, but they are also very messy. Our yard is carpeted with apples, and even though we try to pick them up every day, it's impossible to have the yard completely bare. The squirrels will take one or two bites from the apples, and then the yellow jackets converge on the open flesh. This year was particularly bad. We have two trees--one in front, one in back. Messes everywhere!