Thursday, October 3, 2013

What to do with old needlework

My daughter and I are collaborating on this Dr. Who cross stitch from Wee Little Stiches.  She is stitching the doctors, and I am stitching the TARDIS.  She is still a beginning stitcher, and while her work is very nice, it takes her a long time to stitch.  The TARDIS is very dense and, dare I say, tedious (lots of filling in of the same color), so I offered to do it because I want to keep her motivated.  She worked on the eleventh doctor first, and as she started him she said to me "I can't wait to stitch his fez!" That is a true stitcher's spirit!  There are always parts of cross stitch charts I look forward to working on more than other parts.

My daughter is slowly making over her bedroom.  We removed a bookshelf and replaced it with a desk.  We found some artwork to replace the pictures of fairies she had hanging on the walls, and now she is making this Dr. Who piece.  One of the things she removed from her room is this fairy cross stitch I made for her in 2007.  Honestly, it seems like I just sent that off for framing, but it's already been six years and she's outgrown it.

I struggle with handling outgrown needlework, not just stuff I made for the kids, but things I made for myself that no longer fit into my home.  Some pieces are obvious keepers, but other things I don't know how to handle.  Should I donate these things to the thrift shop without a backward glance?  Hang on to them as if they were precious heirlooms?  Try to sell them on ebay or etsy?  (I have never sold anything online before, and actually, I probably couldn't sell any of the cross stitch legally because of pattern copyright issues.)  What do you do with handmade things that you no longer feel a need to keep?

I also wanted to ask how everyone is liking their new reader now that Google Reader is gone.  I switched to Feedly as soon as Google announced Reader was going away, but I found it a little cluttered and confusing to navigate. (That may be my age speaking!)  I then tried Bloglovin, which I found easier to navigate, but just the other day I looked at my feed on Feedly and saw some really recent posts from quiet blogs that never showed up in my Bloglovin.  I wonder if Bloglovin works like Facebook and chooses what to show you, rather than just showing you everything.  At the risk of sound old and crotchety, I would like Google Reader back, and also the old Flickr, please.  Things change too quickly, updates tick me off, and I want the pace of change to slow the heck down.

One final question:  I've noticed that photos are disappearing from some of my earlier blog posts.  Does anyone know why that would happen?  Am I maybe running out of storage space on blogger?  I need tech support!


Glenda said...

I love that you and your daughter are both stitching on the same piece =).

Re: handmade things I don't want to keep any longer -- I ask family and friends, and if I can't find a home for whatever it is then I throw it away. I probably should take it to the thrift store, but I feel sad whenever I go to the thrift store or antiques mall and see things for sale that obviously were made specifically for a specific individual or family (tho I don't mind seeing things that were made for commercial purposes).

You might be able to craft-swap the handmade items you don't want to keep.

Anything you're iffy about, you could unframe, roll up, and store away and see how you feel in 5 years. We don't have much storage room at home so I use a safe deposit box for manageable-sized keepsakes =).

I switched to Bloglovin' back in April or May and have no complaints thus far. I actually like it better than Google Reader! You might check the Bloglovin' settings and see if there's a way to ensure you don't miss posts from quieter blogs. I had a post show up yesterday or today from a blogger who's posted *maybe* twice in the last 12 months. So....???

I *hate* the new Flickr and cringe every time I pull it up. I wish they'd given the option to keep the old format. I'm not certain I'll keep my account when it comes time for my Pro membership to renew -- I may choose to delete the whole kit-n-kaboodle at that time.

I don't blog on Blogger so am a whole bunch of unhelpful about the disappearing photos issue!

Tricia said...

I'd probably keep that fairy piece - she might have a daughter of her own some day, and they could put it in her room!

I'm so old-fashioned I never even used a blog reader - just have bookmarks. I keep thinking I should investigate something (because I have bookmarks in different browsers on different computers...), but never get around to it!

besomom said...

Thanks for the comments. I will probably buy yet another big rubbermaid container and stow the framed stuff I want to keep in some corner of my basement. (I am running out of corners!)The fairy piece is definitely one I will keep. Pretty much everything I've ever featured on my blog or on Fickr are keepers for me, but I have a lot of stuff I stitched way back when that I should just clear out of here. Craft swap is an interesting idea--I've never done one--but my goal is to reduce what I have in my home. Thanks for the comments!