Friday, November 29, 2013

Keeping Busy

Clearly I'm a failure at NaBloPoMo.  I had a little notebook filled with blog post ideas, but alas, it was not to be.

I am making progress on the Santa cross stitch, as seen above.  I was in a mad rush to finish him by December 2, because that is when my coupon for a big discount on framing expires, but last week when it became clear to me I wasn't going to meet that deadline, I set Santa aside and started a quick seasonal stitch that I knew I could finish before December 25:

This is December Word Play by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I am going to make it into a little pillow as the instructions suggest.  No framing required, so no big rush to get it done by Monday.  It's proving to be a satisfying stitch!  I've stitched quite a bit more of it since I took the photo.

I am also working on the Lizzie Kate Jingles series, putting them all together into one sampler:

I think this one will be several seasons in the making.

This compulsion of mine to stitch Christmas things is wreaking havoc with my holiday storage.  Every year the holiday designs get cuter and cuter, so I keep stitching and stitching.  When will I decide I have enough?  Actually, I already know I have enough, and yet I can't stop.

I am also knitting!

The Tipsy Rib Scarf, free pattern here.  For some reason my photos look terrible in blogger.  When I look at this picture not in blogger, you can see the details of the design (a diagonal rib) very clearly, but here it's just not showing up.  Grumble.

I'm not hand making gifts this year, not for anyone.  I have handmade things in mind for my great-niece, my husband, and my sisters, but instead of feeling stressed to get them done by a deadline, I will make them as I have time and deliver them when they are done.  A handmade gift given for no reason at an unexpected time of year might be more memorable than one given at Christmas!


Glenda said...

Beautiful needlework all around =).

It took a lot of (self-imposed) stress off me when I quit making handmade gifts for Christmas. I'm with you -- gifting stuff at other times of the year "just" because" is a nice surprise for the recipient.

Glenda said...

*"just because" -- I kinda got crazy with the quotes in that first post ;-).

Tricia said...

Learning to minimize your stress at the holidays is a big accomplishment! And you got half of NaBloPoMo, so pat yourself on the back for that :^)

I love the color of your scarf. Between that and the shawl, I should commission you to pick yarn for me because I love your selections!

Tricia said...

p.s. I suspect blogger compresses all the detail out of photos to minimize storage needs, which is why the details are all muddled.