Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unexpected Crochet

I unexpectedly started a new crochet project this week.  My niece, the one I've mentioned more than a few times before, has a chronic health condition, and it is getting the better of her lately.  She is now being treated at Mayo Clinic.  It's not life-threatening.  Well, left unchecked it would be life-threatening, but there are treatments to control it.  Unfortunately, she's been through most of those treatment options with no long-lasting results, and now she is facing some difficult decisions.  This has everyone in my family feeling sad and worried and a little depressed.

My go-to stress reliever is to make something.  It makes me feel calm to work on something, and I like sending something personal and handmade to someone who is hurting or ill.  I wanted to make her something I could get done quickly.  Hello, crochet!  This is the Sweet Scallops Shawl, pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. I am using Knit Picks Swish Worsted yarn in the color wonderland heather.

Sadly, I'm not loving how this is looking.  I don't know if it's the pattern or the yarn or me, but to my eye it looks big and clumsy.  I'll keep at it for a few more rows to see if it grows on me, but I may be hunting for another pattern soon.  Sigh!  When your stress-reducer is a stress-inducer, it's not working like it's supposed to!

The pattern is available for free here.  Some lovely crocheter charted the pattern and put it on Flickr here.  I am usually okay with written instructions, but the chart is so much easier to use with this pattern.

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