Friday, January 25, 2013

Crocheted shawl

This shawl worked up very quickly.  

It's for a friend who is facing lots of challenges right now (health and otherwise).  I wish I could do something that would actually make her healthy and ease her burdens, but I hope this shawl will at least bring some comfort.

The pattern for this prayer shawl is free on the Lion Brand Yarns website. (Here, if the link works.  You might have to have an account with them to access their patterns.) Like all prayer shawls, it's a simple pattern:  chain 43, then work in hdc (American terminology) until you get the length you want.  They recommend working this up in their organic cotton, but I wanted something cozy for winter, so I used their Superwash Merino Cashmere yarn instead, in the color parchment, and an N hook.  The N hook is huge for a worsted weight yarn, and the shawl turned out kind of stretchy, but I think it will hold up well.  And it is indeed cozy!  Even with that open lacy fabric, it wards off the chill.  I ended up using 8 skeins of yarn at 87 yards a skein.  

It can also be folded in half length-wise and used as a scarf!