Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to my blog!

Five years ago today I created House of Hodgepodge and put up my first post (ironically enough, about birthdays).  I started a blog for several reasons:  I was reading all these lovely crafty, homey blogs and wanted to join in the fun, I wanted a place to record my own needlework projects and recipes, and I wanted to provide a place for extended family to keep up on what my little family was doing.  Well, I have succeeded at items one and two, but NO ONE in my family reads my blog, even though I have reminded them of it several times.  I think they can't remember the URL, or they don't know how to use bookmarks or readers, or some technical thing like that.  Surely they aren't reading because they aren't interested!!

My blog has remained a quiet corner of the internet.  I never wanted to publicize myself, or really put myself out there, or try to make money doing this.  My stats are very low, and that's fine with me.  I haven't burned out on blogging because I don't pressure myself.  I put up a post when I have something I want to share, or when I have something I want to remember.

I have done a little bit of spring cleaning on my blog in honor of my anniversary, so if you read me in a reader, come on over and have a look. I still have a spare layout, but I did add my email address to my "about me", so if you have always wanted to say something but have trouble commenting, now you can email me.  I also added a search bar, and links to my top five most popular posts. (I'm not sure why some of those are so popular, but it does include my sock snowman tutorial, so that's handy.)

If you are a regular reader but have never commented, please do so now, or send me an email, just to say hi and let me know you are out there.  Based on my stats, I am not expecting that many people to come out of the woodwork!  I also want to try to get around to blogs this week and say hi to people that I've been following, but who I've never commented on before.  I use Feedly to follow blogs, not Blogger, so I may be following you and you just don't know it.

Thanks so much for reading House of Hodgepodge!  I am glad you are here.