Friday, July 12, 2013

Lighthouses of the Upper Peninsula

Some lighthouses of the U.P.

Seul Choix, Lake Michigan:

Manistique East Breakwater, Lake Michigan:

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, Lake Superior (in the fog):

Au Sable Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior (in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore):

Whitefish Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior (Whitefish Point is the most treacherous part of the Great Lakes, and the lake here is a shipwreck graveyard):

Point Iroquois Light Station, Lake Superior:

Posted in the order we visited them over the course of a week.  I love lighthouses, but the children refused to get out of the car at the last one.  They had had enough.

(The woman working at Seul Choix told us the lighthouse is haunted, and that people's cameras mysteriously won't work when they are there.  My camera worked the entire time, as did my husband's, but we both have photos taken in the stairway of the tower that came out inexplicably foggy.  I'm thinking there must be some weird pocket of air there.  Or a ghost.)