Saturday, September 7, 2013

Scarf progress

I am making good progress on my scarf!

I am almost to the part where I begin decreasing, and I think once I'm there, finishing it will go fast.  I can't wait to block this.  The pattern is here.

I posted a picture of my scarf on Flickr several months ago when I started it, commenting that I was terrified I'd make a mistake because I didn't know to "tink" lace.  Someone who has never commented on anything I've ever posted before said "Lifelines.  Lots of lifelines." At first I thought she meant have lots of people who are good at knitting at the ready to help me, like the phone-a-friend thing on game shows.  Then I thought maybe I should figure out if she meant something else, and sure enough, a quick search revealed how to use lifelines in knitting.  This has changed my attitude about knitting completely, and given me so much more confidence.

I need to finish this, because it's September already, and that means it's time to start on Christmas projects!

ETA: The yarn used is String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, Caper Sock, in the color Oban.