Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forced to be trendy

Every year I buy a new pair of running shoes.  I know it's time to buy a new pair when my knee starts to hurt. This happens pretty much at the same time every year, exactly one year after I last replaced my shoes, in October.  Amazing how that happens.

I buy the same shoe every year, but every year they upgrade the model (and raise the price--grrr).  This year they did not offer a white shoe option!  I first noticed the color-shoe trend during the 2012 Summer Olympics, and now I am being forced to follow the trend. When I first put these on I felt self-conscious, but now I kind of like them.  Watch out!  Next thing you know I'll be abandoning my low-rise running socks for knee-high running socks.

(In case it is not obvious yet, I am going to attempt to put up a blog post every day in November.  If I keep it up, expect all kinds of random oddities from me, just like this one.)