Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finish: Tranquility Shawl

The Tranquility Shawl is complete!

all stretched out for blocking

It's not very long, more like a shawlette, but I think it will be cozy wrapped around the neck like a scarf.  When I put it over my shoulders, shawl-style, and looked in the mirror, the term "shoulder doily" popped into my head.  I like the look of it better when it's wound around like a scarf.

I enjoyed working this pattern very much.  It was easy to follow and quick to work up.  Links to the pattern are in this post.  The yarn, Knit Picks Swish Worsted, is soft and squishy and cozy.  

My blocking mat is also from Knit Picks.  Before I bought this mat, I would improvise blocking by using a towel, or I wouldn't block at all.  I'm really happy with this mat.  The interlocking squares make it easy to configure to the right shape, and it breaks down neatly for storage.

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