Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food and Weather

I made Quinoa Harvest Chili a few days ago, and it is delicious!  I snapped the photo above when I ate leftovers for lunch today, and didn't realize the picture was blurry until it was too late to take another.  If you squint, you can't tell it's blurry, but all that yummy wholesomeness should still be obvious.

My children are home from school this week, not due to weather, but because for some mysterious reason our school has this week off (this, in addition to Spring Break in April).  I don't know why we didn't go see my parents in Florida this week.  There must have been some reason we didn't think we could go this year, but that reason is eluding me now as I look out on more of this:

Thundersnow!  That means it thundered while it snowed.  Even the weather is getting cranky with itself these days and doesn't know how to behave properly any more.  Yesterday was gorgeous (by my Polar Vortex-induced standards).  The sun was shining, the temperature was above freezing for only the third time since December, and all of the icicles fell off the house.  I went outside and chipped away at the two inches of ice that's been covering our walk and driveway for far too long.  I'd chip away a little bit, let the sun work on it for a few minutes, then chip away some more.  It was tough physical labor, but I was so happy to get that sidewalk completely cleared for the first time in months.  Then today we had thundersnow, followed by sleeting rain, and now the walkway looks like this again:

You can see how deep it is by the mail carrier's footprints.  The driveway looks worse.  I am officially giving up.

My kids are content to stay home all day long when they have a school break.  My daughter has been watching lots of Olympics.  Today I thought we'd try a new recipe from an old cookbook, and we made these S'more Buns from my bread machine cookbook.
A near disaster--all the filling oozed out while they baked.  Fortunately only a little bit leaked onto the oven floor.  Sigh.  My daughter watched while I took the photo and said "Hashtag bakingdisaster!"  I'm not sure if any of this (the weather, the kids home on break, the oozing buns, the new crazy language that should sound foreign but doesn't) makes me want to laugh or cry.

To round out my sad stories, last week was extremely busy, and we had to be somewhere every single evening by 6:30 p.m.  That makes dinnertime a stressful and rushed affair, so on Thursday I told everyone we would be ordering our dinner from a restaurant and my husband would pick it up on his way home from work.  We NEVER do this.  I cook our dinner 29 days out of 30.  I was very much enjoying the stress-free afternoon and looking forward to my no-effort restaurant meal.  I placed our order online, my husband picked up the food, and I was feeling pretty pleased with things, but as we passed around the meals, we realized that the food I had ordered had not been included.  The restaurant had accidentally substituted a different meal, a meal with ingredients that were revolting to me and that I had absolutely no desire to eat.  Is there supposed to be a lesson in there somewhere?  I was glad it was mine and not one of the kids', but at the same time, AAAGGGHHH!

(I share all of this knowing full well none of these are really problems, and that there are so many worse things that could happen.  In the grand scheme of things, I have absolutely nothing to complain about!  But still, it does feel like it's been one annoyance after another lately.)

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Isabelle said...

How very annoying!

That looks like a chilly garden. We have mild weather and spring flowers at the moment. Famous last words...