Monday, March 10, 2014


Winter is not releasing its grip on us this year.  We still have knee-deep snow on the ground, and temperatures have only just begun to creep up over the freezing mark.  I've been doing a picture-a-day for Flickr, and it's depressing to see I'm at photo 67 and all my outdoor photos are STILL of snow snow snow. That is 67 straight days of relentless winter, people!

Fortunately it's been very sunny, but there are no signs of blooming or growth, and the rabbits have eaten my favorite shrubs down to little sticks.  All the vegetation has been buried under snow for months now, so I'm sure those bunnies are hungry, but dang--did they have to eat my shrubs?

I've felt so blah this winter.  I follow some of my favorite places in Michigan on various social media platforms, and I've been reading about ice caves on the lake shore, and how the Great Lakes are almost completely frozen over for the first time in 30 years, and worse, I've been reading about how great the snow conditions are for skiing and snowshoeing, but I haven't gone to enjoy any of it.  None of it.  I've been hunkered down in my house, feeling fatter and bleaker by the day.

It's just been too hard to get around to go see these things. Every weekend seemed like it brought another snowstorm.  We still can't walk and drive easily around town because the sidewalks are treacherous--too much snow fell for everyone to keep things cleared.  And all of the streets are narrower from snow banks, and now there are huge potholes everywhere.


On the happy side, I have cheered myself up with some cross stitch.

This first one is the sisters from the movie Frozen, pattern by Weelittlestitches.  I absolutely ADORE Anna's colorful, embroidered clothes!  Much more so than the Ice Queen's shimmery gown.

And here is my WIP:

Recognize the quotation?  The pattern is from Sampler Girl.

Speaking of Jane Austen quotations, I chuckle to myself over my complaints of the weather and the state of the roads.  There is a subtle joke in the Emma Thompson movie version of Sense and Sensibility where the mother admonishes her youngest daughter to restrict her remarks to the weather and the state of the roads.  This is what it's come to for me, too!

Even if I've been stuck at home, some people have ventured out to see some of the beauty this winter has created.  I was particularly interested reading about this somewhat foolhardy adventure in Sleeping Bear Dunes where four men walked across frozen Lake Michigan to North Manitou Island.  They went about it smartly, but I'm glad it wasn't my husband who had such a notion!