Friday, April 18, 2014

Stitching, all sorts

My stitching lately has not followed any theme.  I've been attracted to a variety of designs.

This pattern, a quotation from Pride and Prejudice, is from The Sampler Girl on Etsy.  I plan to get this framed and hang it near my book shelves.

I recently watched the movie Austenland.  I read the first two books in the series and don't plan to read any more, because I find the whole premise so silly, but I didn't hate the books enough to avoid the movie.  Austenland is a vacation estate in England where women spend two weeks dressed in Regency costume, living the Regency life.  Actors play the Darcy/Wickham/Bingley characters to woo the women visitors.  Much as I love reading books set in the regency period, I would find such a set up uncomfortable in the extreme.  I can't imagine enjoying actors trying to woo me!  Ick.  In the movie version of Austenland, Jane, our American heroine, goes to Austenland, and during her two weeks makes some revelations about herself and realizes she's been trying to live in a fantasy world.  In the airport on the way home, she stands up on her suitcase and shouts out "Do you hear me, England?  I am OVER IT!"  That scene cracked me up.  It does seem like England gets romanticized by those of us who love PBS and BBC and Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and we have to remember that the England of those stories simply does not exist in real life.

This next little stitch, seasonally appropriate (yay!), is a free pattern from Snowflower Diaries.  She has many adorable patterns available for free on her blog, each one sweeter than the next.
 I used threads I had in my stash instead of the recommended ones: Weeks Dye Works in teal frost, kudzu, sweetheart rose, and chestnut, and Gentle Art Sampler Threads in raspberry parfait.

I finished this off into a little pillow with rickrack in the seam, and it turned out awful!!  The rickrack slipped, so it's uneven all the way around (almost disappearing in some places), but it would ruin the whole thing to pick it apart and refinish, so I'm going to call it "charmingly handmade" and try not to fret.  I do so envy people who have good finishing skills!  My lack of ability to finish is why I frame almost all of my cross stitch.

And finally, for my daughter's birthday, Sherlock and Watson:

 Pattern from the amazing Weelittlestitches.  I have noticed some copycat designers on Etsy, but I refuse to buy from anyone but the original.

My daughter is such a Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter geek.  She has her own fantasy version of England in her mind, I think.  A year from now she will be going overseas with her school orchestra.  The destination is not determined yet, but it will be either Dublin, London, or Rome.  She is voting for London because she is the most familiar with it culturally.  Pop culturally, of course!  She knows nothing about Dublin, and not much more about Rome.  I do hope they go to London, because the awesomeness of Rome or Dublin would be completely lost on her at this age, whereas London would be a thrill a minute for her.

And, in the hopes that she does go to London, my current cross stitch project is this. It's going to take FOREVER to stitch!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Nice stitchings . Especially like the little spring one. And the London one will be colorful. I don't do finishes well either, with crochet or cross-stitch. Hey, if it's handmade, doesn't have to be perfect. At least that's how I see it. Have a great day. Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The first year of university for my son definitely flew by. It's crazy. Sorry to hear about your MIL. The memorial for my boss' brother was yesterday. Apparently hundreds showed up. He did a lot to help local farmers. Long flight back from Canada and he should be in the office on Wednesday. The end of the school year is always crazy so I feel bad for him. Hope you have a good week. Tammy

Glenda said...

I watched Austenland not too long ago, when I was cross-stitching and wanted something to listen to and not have to look up at often. I'd read the book several years ago, so remembered the basic plot, but it'd been long enough ago that I didn't remember little details. I preferred the book over the movie, but both were very light fare. The movie veered into the campy direction, though!

I love your various cross stitch projects =). I've stitched several Snowflower Diaries designs, and have several more Pinned -- I love her new swan sampler.

That will such a fun trip for your daughter no matter where they go, but London would be a huge thrill I bet!!