Monday, May 12, 2014


Spring was kind of gray and chilly up until a few days ago when it got hot, and now suddenly everything is blooming.

I like the spring green of the birch leaves emerging in the photo immediately above, but I don't like the worm-like seed pods dropped all over my driveway.  Blech.

We went to the garden center yesterday to buy seedlings, and they had the most brilliant idea:  strawberry plants in a hanging basket!  We have strawberries in our garden at home, but the chipmunks get to them before we do.  One year we put netting over the strawberries to protect them from critters, but a chipmunk got tangled up in it and was half dead when we found it.  We felt so awful!

A hanging basket of strawberries would be chipmunk-proof.  However, the price gave us sticker shock:  $25.00!  That's a lot of money for a handful of strawberries.  A cell of strawberry seedlings cost just a few dollars, though, and we already had an empty hanging basket at home, so we made our own little hanging strawberry garden:

Chipmunk-proof for sure, but I'm thinking birds might find them.  If they do, I'll give up on homegrown strawberries once and for all.

Speaking of critters eating things, remember my complaining about the bunnies eating my shrubs over the winter?  The damage is extensive:

Usually these shrubs are bursting with white blooms by now, but this spring we have meager sticks with sparse blooms low to the ground.  I am hoping it will be just one bad year of sad-looking shrubs.  Fingers crossed for a full recovery by next spring!

Lest you think our spring is looking idyllic, we had tornado warnings this afternoon right when school was letting out.  My daughter was home before the sirens wailed, but the warning went into effect 2 minutes before the high school released, so my son was stuck at school for an extra 90 minutes.  At least he could text me, so I knew he was okay.

More storms forecast for tomorrow.  Hoping it's not a repeat of today!

I should have another post soon with a knitting finish to share.


Tricia said...

Sorry about the nibbled shrubs, but everything else is so pretty!

I put wild strawberries in the rain garden I planted last year, and they are blooming now. It was not planted for potential edibles; however, the person I got them from said they did fabulous last year and even produced some large enough to eat. Maybe we'll get lucky! I also put some in my backyard since I'd received way more than I needed for the rain garden, but I haven't seen those emerge. Too much neglect perhaps.

Glenda said...

So many pretty green things =). I get tickled by the idea of you all having bunnies roaming the area -- I would fall over if I looked out into the yard and saw a bunny...I would assume it was someone's pet! That's a bummer they chewed up your shrubs, though :P.