Thursday, October 30, 2014

Summer Splendor in October

Here is my most recent cross stitch finish.  The pattern is Summer Splendor by Little House Needleworks.  I love this one so much, with the hearts and the strawberries, the tree and the flowers, the Ohio Star quilt motif, and of course, the ABC XYZ.  I can't wait to get it framed.  I know exactly where I am going to hang it.

I've been obsessed lately with little works of art--paintings or samplers that are about 5 inches square or less, especially when they are found in unexpected places.  This piece finished at about 5x7, so it's a bit bigger than my ideal, but I can work with it.

Things have been weird lately.  I am such a follower of traditions and routines, but I haven't been following mine lately.  It's partly the ages of my kids--we've been heavy into high school sports with my daughter and college applications with my son, so it's all new territory--but it's also partly the changes in life that aging brings.  We're also having some work done on our house, including a bathroom redo, so there are constantly people in my house, and it makes it hard for me to do my thing.

I have such a backlog of cross stitch and knitting projects!  What else is new, right? I'm thinking ahead to Christmas, although now that it's the end of October, it's not really thinking ahead so much as get on it already!  My sister wants one of those subversive cross stitch samplers, you know, the ones with foul language framed in a delicate floral border? (Don't click that link if foul language offends you. Please.  I'm begging you.)  I've got one in mind for her, but I'll admit, it's going to feel weird to cross stitch it, and I'm honestly worried about taking it in for framing.  Eeek.

I haven't been very active here or over on Flickr. Flickr, how I miss the old you.  I added the Flickr app to my phone but deleted it right away when I realized that every. single. picture I took was uploaded to Flickr--privately, but still, NO WAY.

I am very active on Instagram, though!  It's so easy to use that it's made me lazy for everything else. The people I follow on Instagram seem to want to show life's little pleasures, and I come away from it feeling happy and inspired (unlike most other social media, which has the tendency to make me feel irritated or unhappy.  I'm looking at you, Facebook.).

I'm not linking my IG to my blog, but if you are on IG and want to follow me, leave me a comment or email me with your user name and I'll be happy to find you!


Isabelle said...

Well, your cross stitch is lovely. I didn't investigate your sister's projected one but it sounds different!

And you're so right about time whooshing. It gets worse. Alas. Life is very short.

Isabelle said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't know what Instagram is but I'd better not find out since I waste far too much time on the computer as it is!