Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knitting Disaster

I've been humming along with my scarf, adding a few inches to it every evening.  My daughter and I will be out of town the rest of this week, and I planned to bring this along and finish it while we are away.  That is, until last night when I spread it out to look at it and realized with much horror that I made a disastrous mistake about 12 inches back and started ribbing in the wrong direction.  How on earth did I manage to do that?  I will have to rip it back, but it is going to be really difficult for me to figure out what row I am on to start again in the right place.

Not only will my scarf not be finished by this weekend, but it may not be a good take-along project after all, what with all the sweating and swearing it's going to make me do.  I'm sure tears will be shed, too.  I don't want to start a new knitting project, and I really did want to knit on this trip.  SIGH.