Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For You

Our friend passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness with cancer.  We knew he was sick for a long time, and we knew his prognosis was not good, but that doesn't make the ending any easier to take.

These sunny photos were taken in April 2012 when we visited him for a few days while he was recovering from surgery.  He took us on a tour of his town's botanical gardens. We walked slowly and talked about the kind of things we had always talked about. 

When we all lived in Minnesota in the early 1990s, we spent a lot of time together, going to baseball games, canoeing, seeing movies, playing cards, going out for pizza and ice cream.  I remember a lot of pizza and ice cream!  

When he first got sick, I made him a scarf.  My husband thought it was silly to send a wool scarf to a man who lived in a warm climate.  I relayed this opinion in the note I tucked into the package.  Our friend's reply? "I'll crank up the air conditioning and wear it around my apartment."  

I am really going to miss that sense of humor!

Here we are in Vermont in the winter of 1996:

I like this picture because the three of us are in it together, and we are outdoors where he liked to be, and I am wearing a hat. I spent two winters living hatless in Minnesota, and any time I complained about being cold he would chide me for not wearing a hat.  I finally broke down and bought a hat.  He was absolutely right:  a hat keeps you warm when it's cold outside.

A hat to warm the head, and good memories to warm the heart.  I am so grateful you were part of our lives.  Peace and love.