Wednesday, January 29, 2014

75 snowmen

Purchased pillow.

Yesterday my son had some band mates here to rehearse music they are working on for a school concert.  These kids aren't really friends of his, just fellow band members.  Even though our Christmas tree is long gone, I still have winter decorations up.  Apparently this was remarkable to the band mates, as they asked my son why there were so many snowman things in our house.

My son said, "Umm, they are winter decorations."  The kids were flabbergasted, which surprised me.  Maybe I spend too much time in blogland, but I didn't think it was THAT uncommon to have seasonal decorations.

After his classmates left, my son strolled around our house and counted 75 snowmen-related things.  It was my turn to be flabbergasted.  Seventy-five?  That couldn't be right. Surely it's just 20 or so.  I walked around the house and did my own count.  I was stunned to count 75.

It's not 75 snowmen per se.  Some of those 75 are images of snowmen, depicted in cross stitch or painted on a mug.  But still.  That's a lot of snowmen.  And now I'm being mocked by teenagers.  My husband said, "Mocked by teens? That's inevitable when you're a mother."

It's time to put the snowmen away anyway.  I'm sick of looking at them.  (All 75 of them!)  I'll tell my son to invite those kids back next week so they can laugh at all my Valentine's hearts.

Snowman I cross stitched

Small painting I bought at an art fair

painted my daughter when she was in kindergarten

My daughter and I painted a bunch of wooden snowmen a few years ago

My collection of snowmen figurines.  Combination of my own purchases and things that were given to me

Sock snowmen made by my children.  The one on the far right was knit for me by my aunt.

Fisher Price Snowman.  Old toy repurposed as a decoration.

Pitcher I purchased.

Snowman I cross stitched, paired with an old toy.