Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Never ending snow

This has been a brutal winter.  We've been getting lots of snow with no warm temperatures between snow storms, so nothing melts, and the snow keeps piling up and up and up.  We haven't seen grass since Christmas!  

Last Saturday we had a few hours of temperatures slightly above freezing, just enough to turn the bottom layer of snow into slush before it all froze again into sheer ice, so now we have treacherous ice underneath all that snow.  This morning when my son left for school he slipped and fell in our driveway.  When he left, I closed the back door behind him and heard a thud immediately thereafter.  Before I could even wonder if he'd fallen, he came bursting back inside, covered in snow.  He looked rather offended that his feet had betrayed him.  I helped him brush all the snow off before it melted, then shooed him on his way again.  

It snowed all morning.  School probably should have been closed, but it wasn't.  When the snow finally stopped this afternoon, I went outside to shovel.  Our driveway is like a canyon, with snow piled high along both sides, and I struggled with where to put the new snow. The snow was heavy and deep, and I had to battle to keep my balance on the smooth icy under layer.  As I labored away, the snow removal company several of my neighbors employ pulled up with their trucks and their snowblowers.  I hesitated, considering my two able-bodied teenagers who should theoretically be able to help me shovel when they got home from school, then decided what the heck, I would free us all from the chore.  I waved at the crew, asked them if they'd shovel me out, too, and ten minutes later my sidewalks and driveway were clear!